Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Giveaway!

So we changed the giveaway!  We want fans and followers and you want free goodies right?  What about paper pads, artisan albums and artisan tape???

Well we've made the prize even BETTER than it was before.  With one catch... we want to reach at least 250 facebook fans and 100 blog followers!  If after one week we haven't reached that number, the contest will stay open until we do.

So here it goes... you tell your friends... you get points!  The person with the most referrals wins, so suggest our Facebook page to all of your friends and also tell them to follow our blog!  They need to post your first and last name on our Facebook page and/or post a reply to this blog post with your first and last name.  Each is worth one point and if they do both then you will get TWO points!  That's right!  Two points for one person referred to each site.  They must "like" our Facebook page and "follow" our blog or your points will not be counted.  So what are you waiting for... get the word out there!

***Contest will end January 8, 2011 at midnight (central time) or until we reach 250 fans and 100 followers.

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