Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

So it's been an eventful end of 2010 this past few days.  Neighborhood vandals took out our mailbox Tuesday night and it ended up about a quarter of a mile down the road under a neighbor's pickup truck.  I felt extremely lucky that it was just our mailbox after talking to the sheriff and all of our neighbor's about their damage, especially since we weren't even home until Wednesday.  Others had their houses and cars painted, vehicles broken into and decorations trashed.  So needless to say yesterday was spent assembling a new mailbox and stand... trust me, not as easy as it may seem.  Especially trying to put it IN the ground, we might as well have been trying to put it in bedrock.  I hate, with a passion, the rocky soil of southern Missouri.  The positive thing about it is that we now have a very pretty white mailbox with a fancy number sign.  =]  If vandals want to mess with it now they'll have to answer to me.  Not something they want to do, TRUST ME!  LOL.  Then to top it off, today the entire area is in shock over the tornado that went through post.  2010 really went out with a bang to say the least!  Let's just hope that 2011 brings health and happiness to everyone and our vandals are caught!

In crafty news, I'd previously mentioned my mom's sled that I made years ago.  Well I finally got the photo taken and off of my camera!  I think I like it now more than I have ever before.

Over the holidays I gathered up a few goodies from gifts, gratuity and even myself.  The distrezz-it-all was a "me" gift that I ordered, as was the lovely pink ATG.  I honestly have no idea how I'd ever live without it now that I have it.  It dispenses like a dream and that adhesive is definitely not letting anything go anywhere!  I also gifted myself the rest of the smooch spritz colors.  I can blame that on my friend Andi, who ordered some items from me, including some smooch and the distrezz-it-all.  I couldn't resist completing my collection or pass up the holiday special on the distresser.  The create a sticker was a gift from my mother and father in law.  I have the mini one and like it so having the larger one with more capabilities will be really nice.  Especially for lace and diecut papers that are a pain to adhere adhesive to sometimes.

Then a trip with my mom to the city to go to Joann's left me with this... The blue fabric is going to be a pillow to match the new bedding set that I'll be making.  Notice the pattern on the right?  Unfortunately the other fabrics we have to special order, but we have them picked out and it's going to be fabulous!  The orange roll was off of the remnant clearance rack and looks and feels like a basketball.  I thought I could find something neat to make with it eventually.  If you have any ideas feel free to share them!  I think I've been trying to hard to come up with the perfect project for it.  The letters I will be papering and mod-podging for Logan's room.  I also got a gigantic paper mache "C" for another project, but my lovely hubby left it at my moms so now I have to wait two weeks to start on it.  (Probably would have taken me that long anyway, but I am REALLY excited about it and wish I had it here to work on as I have time.)

Then these, totally amazing, beautifully rusty metal signs were on my in-laws porch.  I saw them and fell in love.  So shabby chic and obviously customized with our last name.  =]  There were four of them sitting there and my father in law gave me two.  I'm not sure what he made them for but I LOVE THEM and can't wait to put them into commission decorating my home.

My mom and I also grabbed these at the store for a special decorating idea.  We've been looking for the right fabric colors for months now and this had them all!  Something we never would have thought of either.  I will post details soon, I promise!

What goodies did you get over the holidays?

Tomorrow I will be posting some scrap resolutions (complete with photos) in hopes that publicly putting it out there will help me stick to it!  See ya then!

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