Friday, December 31, 2010

Prayers Needed

So today has been quite the day.  Our area was hit by the storm system that has been reported across every news channel there is and an F3 tornado touched down.  Luckily our house was off post, a few miles away from it and wasn't damaged, but some friends of mine were directly in it's path and their houses were damaged.  My friend Norma's house is one of the worst I've seen so far.

Please keep her family and all the other families in your prayers!  Many homes were destroyed and even more damaged. 

My husbands company building also got hit as well, Fort Leonard Wood has officially been declared in a state of emergency so I'm sure my hubby will be busy the next few days (he's a military police officer).  He worked all last night on patrol then after the tornado hit this morning around 10:00am he was called back in.  He got home an hour or so ago and is sleeping so he can go back in again tonight to work.  Some of the military vehicles it moved and flipped weigh over 20,000 pounds my husband said.  Crazy!

Unfortunately there are more areas like this across the path of the tornado, through Missouri and Arkansas.  Here are some more photos and a video of our local area.

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  1. Thinking of you all!!! That one photo midway through, it looked like a good sized twister! This is so sad, so devastating. The weather is just crazy everywhere!!! Doesn't matter where we live in this country, we are all being hit in some form or fashion! So glad your family is ok and not hurt! I hope everyone there, your friend and her family are ok. A house you can rebuild, but you can't replace people!! Stay safe!!!