Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nothing like the last minute...

So last night I had a lot of fun at the handmade dirty Santa party with the girls.  =]  Here's what I made to exchange...

I love mod podge and paper... and ANYTHING crafty  =]  Jane picked my present so I hope that she likes it!

After getting home I had to finish two last minute mini albums that I decided to make for my grandmother and my husbands grandmother.  Now I said finish, but I really meant start and finish BOTH of them since all I'd gotten done the night before was print the pictures off (my printer was being a pain... I did accidentally put the paper in backwards but hey, we'll blame the printer anyway, LOL).  So for a moment there I actually talked myself out of making them, thinking there was no way I'd ever get them done and get any sleep, but I persevered and by 3:45 AM they were finished.  They're simplistic for me, but in order to get them done at all I had to talk myself out of a million different ideas.  Embellishments are my friend, like my best friend, but it was actually kind of refreshing to end up with something a bit different than I'm used to.  Here's a sneak peek... I will post page by page photos after Christmas! 

Happy Scrapping!


  1. OH WoW!!! The album is gorgeous. Definitely was worth it spend the night working. Is stunning! I can't wait to see the pages inside..
    Is those paper bag albums?


  2. Thanks! It's actually a mini artisan 6"x6" album from Pink Paislee. I'll be adding a couple new ones to my store after Christmas. =] They come with six blank chipboard pages (twelve if you count front and back) and they're amazing! Especially since they're o-rings and not post bound. I'll be listing a 6"x12" one as well which I'm IN love with. Can't wait to get to work on that one too!

  3. I love modpodge too! I can't wait to see more of those albums!

  4. WOW!!!! Two in one night, now thats the way to do. I look forward to seeing the pages.....